Making better connections with men and boys

The initiative from Mental Health First Aid England (MHFAE) for World Mental Health Day entitled “Take 10 together” is very welcome overall. However, beneath this simple advice about how to converse with and support each other to improve emotional and mental well-being lurk false assumptions that we are all the same in this respect and that we all benefit from the same modes of communication.

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We made it!

With your help we have exceeded our quota of 500 votes! Many thanks to everyone who voted for the Male Psychology Section of the BPS, and especially those who also let their colleagues and peers know about the vote. What you have done is a really important step towards dealing with issues like suicide more effectively. But we still have one further step before the Section officially comes into being.

 Once the BPS have ratified our vote in November, they will initiate a further ballot on the new Section. This means that at some point in the new year all BPS members will be sent a voting slip asking them whether they support the creation of the Male Psychology Section. You should return your ballot paper to the BPS in their envelope, and fingers crossed we will have good news at the BPS AGM around Easter 2017.

 Thanks once again everyone. Just one more tick in a box and we are there. 

Belinda Brown on Wolf Whistling

Following the recent news of plans to make wolf-whistling a crime in Nottingham anthropologist MPN member Belinda Brown gave a short interview to Nick Ferrari on LBC radio a few days ago on why she thinks such a law is misguided. Listen to the interview:

How involved are fathers in their children’s healthcare?

Research tells us that father involvement in the care of children with chronic conditions results in better outcomes for both the child and the father, but little is known about the benefits of father involvement in everyday health issues. Our research is investigating whether factors like gender norms, maternal gatekeeping, self-efficacy and general health knowledge impact on the involvement of fathers in taking care of the health of their child(ren). Continue reading “How involved are fathers in their children’s healthcare?”

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