The secret to enduring more pain? If you are a man, the answer might lie in feeling less like one (right before)

By Rico Fischer

According to Vadenllo and Bosson’s (2017) precarious manhood theory, (1) men are not born with manhood but they must earn it; (2) a man earns being seen as a man by behaving in the way that society expects a man to behave; (3) manhood is difficult to earn but easy to lose. So, what happens when your sense of manhood is threatened? According to the theory, men feel aggressive and anxious, and cope by acting in stereotypically masculine ways.

Whether threatening manhood does indeed trigger anxiety, aggression and stereotypically male behaviour was tested in a study recently published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

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How much empathy do we have for a Lonely Boy?

Steve Jones (2016). Lonely Boy: tales from a Sex Pistol. London: William Heinemann.

Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols is renowned for three things: being a Sex Pistol, being a prolific thief, and sleeping with a sizable proportion of the women he met. So when I saw in the media that Steve Jones was publishing an autobiography, I was surprised that the headline focused on him being a victim of child sex abuse.

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