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Join the BPS Male Psychology Section (for non-BPS members, to apply to join the Male Psychology Network, use this form).

Joining the MPS is easy if you are a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

Simply open this document: Join the Male Psychology Section of the BPS and then:

1/ click on the 'pen' icon near the top right of the form

2/ scroll down to 'Full name' at the top of page 2

3/ left click twice with your mouse, and then type in your name

4/ do the same for 'Membership number'

5/ save the file (preferably with your name in the file name)

6/ email it to the BPS at

If you have any problems with this process, feel free to contact me.

John Barry



[Archived material]

August 2010

"After eight years of campaigning, I am delighted to tell you the result of the BPS ballot: the majority have voted for a Male Psychology Section of the BPS!

Many thanks to everyone who voted for the Male Psychology Section, and who have supported us over the years. Three cheers for Martin Seager, who was the first to propose a Male Psychology Section.

Out of around 4000 votes, two thirds were for creating a Male Psychology Section. I hope in the coming years we will demonstrate that the yes vote was for the common good.

Congratulations also to the other three new BPS Sections, all of which were approved today.

As Martin would say, onwards and upwards!"


[The following material is for information only, because the ballot is over]

Why a Male Psychology Section?

For a number of years now, there has been a growing awareness that some issues affect men and boys more than women and girls. One obvious example is that suicide rates are roughly three times higher in men than women. Despite this and other important gender differences (for example in addiction, homelessness, imprisonment and educational performance) there has been relatively little attention paid - even within our own discipline of psychology - to why males are disproportionately affected by these serious issues. The aim of the proposed Male Psychology Section therefore is simple: it is for the BPS to take a lead in promoting awareness, research and understanding of male gender psychology. The Male Psychology Section will thus help to expand our overall understanding of the full diversity of the human condition and enrich our understanding of men and women, both in their differences and also in their common humanity.

Psychology is a field that was dominated by men for many years, so it is perhaps easy to forget that today psychology has become a field that attracts more women than men, and indeed there has been a BPS section for the psychology of women since 1988, and US psychologists have had a male Section (called Division 51) of the APA since 1995. Given the significance of the problems experienced by men and boys today, we believe that the time is long overdue for the establishment of a Male Psychology Section of the BPS.

The initial proposal to form a new Male Psychology Section has been endorsed by the BPS Board of Trustees, having met the requirements of Rule 37 (1) In compliance with the Charter Statutes and Rules, a further 1% of the BPS membership have indicated that they believe a Male Psychology Section would be beneficial to the Society. The final step if for the decision to go to a national ballot of BPS members.

If you are a member of the BPS, and that includes student members, you are invited to vote for the formation of the Section by voting for it when the ballot comes out in early May 2018. How to vote There are two ways to vote: postal, or online. A postal version of the ballot paper will be delivered to you in early / mid May (around 8th - 14th May). If you have already registered to vote electronically by around mid April (here ) you can vote this way rather than by post. Last day of voting is 20th June.

If you are registered for e-voting, you should receive an email with a unique code and URL to enable you to access your vote.

If you encounter any problems while casting your vote:

For technical issues related to electronic voting:

+44(0)2380 763 987


For other issues related to voting
+44(0)116 254 9568


If problems continue, please get in touch with John Barry directly.


Please also vote for the other proposed new Sections for the British Psychology Society - all have merit and no doubt will be an asset to our understanding of psychology and it's development as a science.  Information about these can be found here.

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