“A fantastic conference by the Male Psychology Network at UCL once again!”

– Dr Ben ‘Dangerous’ Hine, Lecturer in Psychology, University of West London

“It was refreshing to hear themes of masculinity and fatherhood being spoken of in a positive way backed up by studies”

– Michael Mosol, Integrative Psychotherapist, London

“I very much enjoyed the conference. The speakers generated a great deal of enthusiasm in me for what they said and the overall concept of a male psychology”

– Dr Andrew Briggs, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Organisational Consultant

“I was welcomed by everyone I met and invited into multiple discussions exploring such a  variety of relevant topics that I was more than rewarded. I was glad to be part of the day but now feel part of an active, positive but most importantly innovative movement, informed by academic, clinical and service user perspectives.

– Dr Ashley-Christopher Fallon, Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist.

“Marvin Westwood gave a gripping account of his work with traumatised veterans in Canada… Gijsbert Stoet gave an excellent talk on the underperformance of boys in education.”

– Rick Bradford, MRA-UK

“A stimulating and interesting mixture of material”

– Jennie Cummings-Knight, Goldenleaf Counselling

”Ground breaking and desperately needed”

– Vincent McGovern, Chair, Central and North London Branches, Families Need Fathers.

“A truly inspiring conference. I was particularly pleased with the straight talking of most speakers”

– David Walsh, Male Voices Ireland.

 I’ve very much enjoyed the presentations”

– Dr Dominic Conroy, Research Fellow in Psychology, Birkbeck University of London.

“The Friday was absolutely fabulous. The content was great, slick, to the point and very informative, over a range of very interesting topics.  It allowed me to meet up with several very important people”

– David Eggins, Chair of Temper DV.

“The range of topics included was brilliant. There was nothing I didn’t like, except it seemed to fly by”

– Louise Liddon, Male Psychology Network

“Very thought provoking and helpful”

– John Steley, Psychologist in private practice, London

“The workshops lead by the wise and wonderful Warren Farrell [were] an absolute treat”

– Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, Men’s group facilitator / Trainer

“Very useful and inspiring”

– Dr. Catherine Buchan, University of Wolverhampton


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