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The third annual Male Psychology Conference took place at University College London (UCL) on 24th – 25th June 2016. We had two incredibly informative and engaging days of presentations and workshops, as the testimonials show. Psychologists and other therapists, researchers and charity workers, and even some interested members of the public, gathered to find out how they could do more to improve the mental health and wellbeing of men and boys. We enjoyed workshops from the Canadian expert in combat stress, Prof Marvin Westwood, and the legendary Dr Warren Farrell expert on relationship counselling and male psychology. 
We were particularly delighted to welcome Doctor Warren Farrell from California, Marvin Westwood from the University of British Columbia and Professor Gijsbert Stoet from Glasgow University. Warren Farrell has been an advocate for men’s issues for nearly half a century, highlighting how men and women can be disadvantaged by their social roles, and bringing a calm and wise voice to gender relations. He gave two incredibly moving workshops on how men and boys are – in areas such as being permitted to express emotions – at a relative disadvantage. Additionally, his keynote lecture focused emotional and social causes for boys falling behind in education. Doctor Stoet focused on the same topic but presented developmental and cognitive factors, demonstrating that this topic is multi-faceted.
Regarding mental health, Prof Westwood gave a glimpse in to his decade long work with depressed and post-traumatically stressed Canadian veterans which he has successfully treated.

You can access the timetable here

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