The Second Male Psychology Conference (UCL, June 2015)

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“The entire event was of the highest quality, informative and insightful. It inspired new thinking for me. The event also offered a magnificent opportunity to meet some of the top minds in the field. Of particular value was the amount of time given to open discussion, an often missed opportunity at a number of such conferences.”

– Chris Stein, formerly of The Movember Foundation 

A stimulating event, very well organised with great opportunities for networking.

Dr Frank Keating, Royal Holloway, University of London.

“I really liked the diversity of the talks. I also like the poems and the songs”

Dr Gijsbert Stoet, University of Glasgow

 “The conference was first class – not just in the quality of speakers and their presentations – but also in the breadth of the subjects discussed. The importance to our society of both recognising and then tackling issues that have a negative impact on male psychology can not be underestimated. This conference should be a must for any one interested in psychology, let alone male psychology.”

– Mark Brooks, Chair, The ManKind Initiative

“I found the day that I attended to be stimulating, informative and discussion provoking.  When I got home, I discussed the topics of the day with my three men (husband and grown up sons) and they were very interested too. There was a wide variety of different topics as diverse as prostate cancer and boys underachieving in schools”

– Jennie Cummings-Knight, Golden Leaf Counselling.

“I enjoyed the conference very much”

– Uwe Thummel, PhD candidate, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

“An a inspiring, diverse and interesting conference”

– Dannielle Claridge, University of Hull

The First Male Psychology Conference (UCL, June 2014)


View the 2014 timetable here

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“A truly excellent, informative and engaging day. The ‘buzz’ at the breaks speaks for itself. I liked the informality and honesty of the day, with plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction with the speakers and each other”

Dr Chris Manning,College of Medicine and UPstream Healthcare. 

“I appreciated the wide range of topics covered and the easy, open and accommodating atmosphere – it felt formal and academic yet not stiff and arrogant”

Dr H Eli Joubert, Senior Clinical Psychologist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 

“I thought it was an excellent event… More of the same for next year”

Matt Williams, Oxford Samaritans and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust 

“I really liked the scene setting that David Wilkins’ presentation gave. It was a terrific way to begin the conversation. I also really enjoyed the presentations that had a very practical application (eg. Jane Powell’s)… Let me know when you run the next conference”

Clare Shann, Global Mental Health Lead, The Movember Foundation

“A brilliant conference”

Drew Law, Counsellor.

I very much enjoyed this conference and am I keen to attend again next year

Kevin Hogan, Counselling Psychology doctorate student, University of West England

It was encouraging seeing the balance of men and women as delegates and presenters, and their mutual support”

Tim Watson, Educational and Child Psychologist, New Horizons Psychology Ltd

“Engaging and thought provoking”

Ruth McQueen, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Norwich Medical School

I really liked the diversity of topics, approaches and speakers”

– Dr Linda Morrison, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Surrey.

“Great mix of speakers and good hospitality”

Dr Ali Haggett, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter

“I liked the informal feel… The topic areas were great!”

Debbie Earnshaw, Psychology Tutor, Univesity of Derby

“The day was packed full of interesting information”

Jennie Cummings-Knight, Golden Leaf Counselling.

“The talks were engaging and inspiring and held our interest throughout the whole day. I enjoyed the variety in focus”

Dr Brenda Todd, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, City University London.

“The organisers of the Male Psychology Conference deserve a huge vote of thanks for helping to focus much more attention on the theory and practice of male psychology.”

Peter Baker, Director, Global Action on Men’s Health

“The topics covered were well selected and I thought the keynote addresses were excellent”

Dr Richard Scott, Clinical Psychologist

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