Male Psychology Conference, 2019, University College London, 21-22 June

In 2019 the 6th annual Male Psychology Conference will take place on Friday 21st and Sat 22nd at University College London

There are two themes this year:

  • Family structure & dynamics, and the impact on men and boys
    • Family breakdown, domestic violence, parental alienation, the value of fathers etc
  • Positive, male-friendly interventions & services
    • Male-friendly helplines, support groups, therapies etc

The keynote speakers are:

Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan. Expert in intimate partner violence at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.  Prof Graham-Kevan’s recent lecture at the EU Parliament in Brussels, on the impact on children of witnessing parental violence, is an example of her cutting-edge contributions to this field.


Dr Roger Kingerlee is a consultant clinical psychologist who specialises in male-friendly therapy, especially in the treatment of military veterans and complex trauma. Roger works with the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, and is one of the editors of – and leading contributors to – the forthcoming Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology and Mental Health


Dr Liz Bates is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Cumbria, UK, and a Chartered Psychologist. Her award-winning research explores men’s experiences of domestic violence including barriers to help-seeking and post-separation recovery. Dr Bates is also a trustee with the male victims charity ManKind Initiative.


Mark Brooks, OBE, Chair of the Trustees of the ManKind Initiative, which is a good example of a male-friendly service, and the first charity in Great Britain to support male victims of domestic abuse. Mark was recently awarded an OBE for services to male victims of domestic abuse.


Also, special guest speakers:

live from New York: Professor Miles Groth, of Wagner College, New York, USA. Prof Groth is an existential therapist and author, widely known for his appearance (delivering a lecture) in The Red Pill documentary. Miles will, live via Skype, discuss male-friendly therapy.


Award-winning broadcaster and journalist Martin Daubney will discuss negative media depictions of men – such as in the recent Gillette advert – and why it makes more sense for businesses to focus on positive masculinity.


There are also two shorts talks:

Dr Mahamed Hashi of the Brixton Soup Kitchen explains why we need to listen to young Black men, even if we don’t like what they say.

Paddy Benson presents his research on a boxing programme that improves wellbeing



Other presentations and posters will be announced in mid Feb after the decision of the Organising Committee on abstract submission.


We will also have options for:

  • workshops and activities
  • non-academic material, for example, comedy, poetry, music etc., (exact material to be confirmed)


 BUY EARLY AND SAVE ~40% ON YOUR TICKET. Offer ends 28th Feb 2019

Select the correct ticket from the drop down menu below. Note that the concessionary rate is for people who are unemployed or full time students. Evidence of this (e.g. scan of current student card) will need to be emailed to before the concession can be given.

Conference fees: early bird

Special early bird rate for UCL students: £50 for both days.

If you have any problems or questions about payment, please contact


Submitting your proposed presentation or activity for the conference

Deadline for submissions: 5pm 31st Jan 2019.


Abstract submission guidelines for academic work

  • Abstracts must be related to male psychology
  • All abstracts must be in English
  • The abstract title must be brief and specific.
  • Abstracts must be in the format of: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • Author(s) names must be indicated
  • Provide affiliation (University/Organisation etc) and city for all presenters.
  • Abstracts to be no more than 300 words long
  • Do not include tables or graphs
  • State whether you prefer your submission to be an oral presentation or a poster


For non-academic submissions (workshops, activities, comedy etc)

  • Please email us with a clear description of what you want to do
    • For workshops, say the workshop title, who the workshop is aimed at, brief background to topic, learning objectives, teaching methods, duration of workshop, and brief bio of person(s) delivering workshop.
  • State how much much time you will need
  • State how much space you will need
  • Tell us what materials you will need, and whether you will be providing them or not


Email your submission to the Organising Committee by 5pm 31st Jan 2019:





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