Family dynamics, structure and wellbeing

Conference Schedule, Friday 21st June

* Please note speakers and may change subject to unexpected circumstances (illness etc.)

Event Speaker Title (abbreviated)
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Welcome Martin Seager, consultant clinical psychologist (CGL)
Keynote Prof Nicola Graham-Kevan (UCLan) Impact on children of witnessing parental violence
Presentation Dr Kevin Wright, Counselling Psychologist (NHS) Importance of dads to boys’ development
Presentation Andrew Briggs, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, NHS, UK Passing fatherhood skills through the generations
Overview of posters Martin Seager, consultant clinical psychologist (CGL)
Keynote Keynote: Dr Liz Bates, Senior Lecturer (Uni of Cumbria) Domestic violence
Presentation Dr Tania Reynolds (Kinsey Institute, US) Why do we see men as the perpetrators? Results of cognitive psychology research
In brief Dr Ben Hine (Uni West London) Male-on-male rape
Poems Jennie Cummings-Knight (Goldenleaf Counselling)
Group photo
Presentation Dr John Barry (UCL) & Vincent McGovern (Families Need Fathers) Distress caused by family breakdown: preliminary results of longitudinal study


Presentation Jackie Boyle-Price, MP (Minister for Mental Health) What can be done to reduce male suicide?
Prof Eric Anderson (Uni of Winchester) Why is the nuclear family under attack?
Tea break
Presentation Martin Seager (CGL) & John Barry (UCL) Gamma bias: cognitive distortion of gender issues
Presentation Prof Gijsbert Stoet (Uni of Essex) Global gender inequality against men
Presentation Prof Guy Madison (Umeå University, Sweden) Gender equality for women and inequality for men
Presentation Martin Daubney (Men & Boys Coalition) Depictions of men in the media
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