Family dynamics, structure and wellbeing

Conference Schedule, Friday 21st June

Registration starts at 9am and the speakers begin at 9.45am. The talks finish at 5.25pm and there is a drinks reception until 5.55pm. The building must be vacated by 6pm.

* Please note speakers and may change subject to unexpected circumstances (illness etc.)


Timetable of events: Friday 21st June 2019

  Friday 21st June
Workshops Time Event Speaker Title (abbreviated)
9.00 Registration + coffee -
  9.45 Conference Starts, Welcome & Martin Seager, CGL Overview of the day’s events
  10.00 Keynote Keynote: Prof Nicola Graham-Kevan Impact on children of witnessing parental violence
10.50 – 11.40 am

Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma: ADHD management


10.45 Presentation Dr Andrew Briggs Passing fatherhood skills through the generations
11.10 Presentation Jackie Doyle-Price Suicide
11.35 Presentation Dr John Barry & Mr Vincent McGovern Distress caused by family breakdown


12.00 Lunchtime    
1.00 Keynote Keynote: Dr Liz Bates, Domestic violence
1.50 Presentation Dr Tania Reynolds Gender bias in moral typecasting
2.15 In brief Dr Ben Hine Male-on-male rape
  2:25 Info re workshops & posters Martin Seager, CGL  
2.30 – 3.30 pm

Owen Connelly: biofeedback for trauma


2.35 Poems Jennie Cummings-Knight  
2.40 Presentation Dr Kevin Wright Importance of dads to boys’ development
3.05 Presentation Prof Eric Anderson Why is the nuclear family under attack?
3.30 Tea break   In foyer, near JZ Young lecture theatre

4.05 – 5.15 pm

Dr Amanda Kinsella: men’s group

3.45 Presentation Martin Seager & John Barry Gamma bias: cognitive gender distortion
4.10 Presentation Prof Gijsbert Stoet Global gender inequality
4.35 Presentation Prof Guy Madison Gender equality and men’s mental health
5.00 Presentation Martin Daubney, MEP AI & the view of men in Europe.
  5.25 Final words Martin SeagerCGL What’s on tomorrow
  5.30 Drinks reception -  



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