Thurs 14th Dec, 6.30

The Masculinity Debate, Pt 2: Is Santa sexist if he gives your son a robot?

Is masculinity something that is merely a product of culture, or is it something you are born with? This is the subject of the debate taking place at UCL on Thurs 14th Dec, 6.30 to 8.30 pm, AV Hill lecture theatre, University College London, London WC1E 6BT.  The motion is: This house believes that masculinity is not simply a social construct. Anyone can have an opinion on this subject, and we would like to hear yours – we will be asking you to vote on whether you think masculinity is simply a product of upbringing or not.

The panelists for the motion are:

Dr Brenda Todd, Developmental Psychologist, City University London

Dr Eli Joubert, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Becci Owens, University of Sunderland

The panelists against the motion are:

Leila Wildsmith, Regents College London

Martin Tod, Chief Exective, Men’s Heath Forum, UK (and former contender in the World Debating Championships)

We are seeking a third member of this panel – contact John Barry ( if you want to volunteer.


Entrance is free, but a ticket is required. Get yours here:



Friday 5th Jan, 6.30pm

Lecture: Male suicide: the social determinants in the UK compared to Australia

In this lecture, Glen Poole will discuss his findings regarding the social determinants of male suicide in the UK compared to Australia.

He is currently working for the Australian Men’s Health Forum, leading three a year project which is being funded by the Australian Government. We are very fortunate to catch Glen during his brief return to the UK over the holiday season.

Glen is an engaging speaker, as he has proved at the 2014 and 2015 Male Psychology Conferences, so it will be well worth coming to this exciting event.

Note: the location of the UCL lecture theatre will be announced by the end of November.


Entrance is free, but a ticket is required. Get yours here:



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