Male identity: an island no man wants to visit

John Barry, Male Psychology Network

The phenomenon of ingroup favouritism and outgroup bias is a cornerstone of social psychology. The strength of such biases vary by group e.g. it is well-established that higher-status groups invoke more ingroup bias (e.g. Nosek et al, 2002). Men in general (historically and cross-culturally) have higher status than women in the public realm (politics, finance etc), so one would expect that male identity invokes a high level of ingroup bias. However research shows that – uniquely in social identity theory – male identity, unlike female identity, invokes no significant ingroup bias (e.g. Richeson & Ambady, 2001).

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How much empathy do we have for a Lonely Boy?

Steve Jones (2016). Lonely Boy: tales from a Sex Pistol. London: William Heinemann.

Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols is renowned for three things: being a Sex Pistol, being a prolific thief, and sleeping with a sizable proportion of the women he met. So when I saw in the media that Steve Jones was publishing an autobiography, I was surprised that the headline focused on him being a victim of child sex abuse.

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