Special issue on male psychology in the Psychreg Journal of Psychology (Dec 2020)

By Dr John Barry

If you haven’t already seen the December 2020 edition of the Psychreg Journal of Psychology, then take my good advice and go take a look.  I was the guest editor of this edition, with kind support from the Editor-In-Chief, Dennis Rolojo-Howell.

I won’t say more about the special issue here – you can read my editorial (‘Twelve reasons’) for an overview – but instead will lay out before you the table of contents, like a Christmas buffet for my friends. To download a paper, click on the ‘PDF’ link. Enjoy!

December 2020 • Volume 4, Issue 3
Full issue: PDF (4 MB)
Copyright 2020. Psychreg Ltd | ISSN: 2515-138X
Creative Commons Licence

Twelve reasons to take a more balanced view of issues that confront men: Editorial for a special issue on male psychology
John A. Barry
https://doi.org/fknq | PDF (133 KB)

Job satisfaction, relationship, stability, and valuing one’s health are the strongest predictors of men’s mental well-being
John A. Barry
https://doi.org/fkns | PDF (469 KB)

Effects of expressive writing on posttraumatic stress symptoms and other traumas: Case study of male clients in therapy settings
Kevin Wright
https://doi.org/fknt | PDF (253 KB)

Loneliness, impaired well-being, and partner abuse victimisation of separated fathers in Wales
Richard Bradford
https://doi.org/fkn8 | PDF (446 KB)

Child contact problems and family court issues are related to chronic mental health problems for men following family breakdown
John A. Barry & Louise Liddon
https://doi.org/fkn5 | PDF (304 KB)

Male broodiness: Does the desire for fatherhood affect men?
Robin Hadley
https://doi.org/fkn6 | PDF (372 KB)

‘Men say that he shall come again, and he shall win the holy cross’: Gender differences in shared-religion bias in identifying with fictional characters
Nathan Hook & Wakefield L. Morys-Carter
https://doi.org/fkn7 | PDF (354 KB)

Adults are expected to take responsibility for their problems, especially when those problems are congruent with traditional gender role expectations
John Barry, Martin Seager, Louise Liddon, Jordan Holbrook, & Linda Morison
https://doi.org/fkxq | PDF (237 KB)

Bias against men’s issues within the United Nations and the World Health Organization: A content analysis
James Nuzzo
https://doi.org/fkrm | PDF (632 KB)

A male perspective of psychology from the Rainbow Nation
Angelo Vincenzo De Boni
https://doi.org/fksv | PDF (282 KB)

Delta bias in how we celebrate gender-typical traits and behaviours
Martin Seager & John A. Barry
https://doi.org/fksz | PDF (153 KB)

How much are therapists’ views on patriarchy related to their approach to therapy for men? Preliminary findings from a survey
John A. Barry, Louise Liddon, Rob Walker, & Martin Seager
https://doi.org/fks5 | PDF (117 KB)

An open message to the APA on ethics and ideology
Shawn Smith
https://doi.org/fkvr | PDF (148 KB)

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