The Royal wedding, relationship stability, and wellbeing

by John Barry

Best wishes to the Royal couple on their wedding day. If Prince Harry is anything like the 2000 men in the British Isles who participated in our survey last year, then relationship stability will be one of the key factors in promoting his psychological wellbeing.

Our survey found that even after taking factors such as age and job satisfaction into account, men in enduring relationships had a more positive mindset. The survey also found that the more a man aspired to be like his father, the better his wellbeing. We speculate that his is because men who have a good concept of their father have probably come from a stable family background, and this childhood experience has helped create a happy adult.

One of the signs of how important relationships are is their relationship with recovery from substance abuse. Substance abuse is twice as common in men than women, and one of the key signs that people are on the road to recovery is when they get into a steady relationship.

Our advice is that if your relationship is making you unhappy, first do what you can to try to fix it whether that’s talking about it with your partner, or seeking couples therapy.

In any case, we at the Male Psychology Network wish the Royal couple all of our best wishes for a stable and happy future.


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