The Harry’s Masculinity Report

The study of masculinity in psychology began in the 1990s, and developed a deficit model, focusing mainly on problems related to masculinity. Positive psychology is also a relatively new field, and its application to masculinity has yet to be properly explored. This study aimed to find out what values men in 2017 think are important to them, and what factors contribute to their mental positivity. To do this, an online survey analysed using multiple linear regression was conducted. The first 2000 men born or resident in the British Isles who responded to the survey were included in the final data analysis. It was found that men tend to value honesty and reliability more than fitness and being adventurous. Multiple linear regression found that the main predictors of happiness were job satisfaction and being in a long term relationship. Older men also tended to be happier than younger men. Men, especially younger men, appear to value their mental health more than their physical health. All of these findings have implications for how we understand the role of men in the British Isles today.

To read the full report, click here.

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