Volunteers wanted: Journeymen UK Annual Event

Journeyman UK 

Teenage Boys Community Group Mentoring 

Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend

We are looking for volunteer men to help run our annual camp

This camp will be assessed as part of a research study, led by John Barry, with a view to presentation at the Male Psychology Conference, and peer-reviewed publication.

Dates 05 - 08 October 2017. 

Near Stroud (Gloucestershire)

The Camp is run by our community of mentors and friends, there will be about 30 men and teenage 'Journeymen' (who have attended our camp before). During the weekend we take a group of 15 - 20 adolescent boys (14 - 18) through an intense personal development programme. It aims to mark the transition from boyhood towards manhood through the adolescent years. We do this by bringing the boys into the 'men's camp' and engaging with them to: Tell the truth about themselves, expand their self awareness and emotional intelligence, investigate what being a man might be, learn to transform challenges into possibilities, self responsibility, respect and boundaries be playful. We do this through story, 'ritual theatre', ceremony, exercises, games, celebration and processes. 

We are rooted in western culture, and draw on Jungian ideas, the story Iron John, the use of circle time principles, contemporary western non religious ceremony, The Mankind Project and much more. 

We have ongoing community group mentoring meetings in Stroud, Bristol and London. Where we are guided by a year long programme - Journey To Manhood. 

If you join us, you will find the weekend is scripted and highly choreographed with clear instructions for each activity. It is a team effort with over all weekend coordinators. There are many roles to play and we try for a good match to the man. If you would like more details or to sign up contact 

Luke (07868848514)

Ianto (07799472170)


We run the UK chapters of the international programme


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