Confirmed keynote speaker Marv Westwood

Professor Marvin Westwood

We are delighted to announce that Professor Marvin Westwood from the University of British Columbia will be a returning keynote speaker at the 2017 Annual Male Psychology Conference. Professor Westwood is considered one of the leading experts when it comes to therapy for PTSD veterans. Professor Westwood co-founded the Veterans Transition Program (VTP) in Canada. This group-based initiative has both helped to heal the mental wounds of veterans and aided in their transition back to civilian life. To date, over 600 veterans have been successfully helped all over Canada while the VTP experiences near-zero dropout rates, reduced stigma among participants and substantially decreased depression of participants. 

One of the most successful components of this program utilizes "Therapeutic Enactment," which incorporates physical action to aid the processing of traumatic events that contribute to a stress injury. Last year Marvin Westwood and George Belliveau provided some insight in to their work with veterans. They shared two case studies from Canada and Australia where researchers in counselling psychology and theatre education collaborated with military veterans to produce theatre productions. In the Canadian case study community members and researchers participated with six veterans in a series of drama-based workshops that led to the production of Contact!Unload (see below). 

The Annual Conference will take place at University College London on the 23. and 24. of June 2017. Tickets can be purchased here

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